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Buyers Agent Valdosta Georgia:

You’re looking for a new home...Congratulations! There is something very exciting about finding a new place to live. It’s a fresh start. But where do you begin? Have you been searching the Internet, reading the classifieds, or picking up real estate magazines to research homes for sale? These are great first steps to help you learn more about what the Valdosta area has to offer, but you can find your dream home in a more efficient way.


Choosing a real estate buyers agent is the best way to ensure that your interests as a homebuyer are represented. By hiring me to guide you through your search, you will receive:


  • Diligent, full time service. I am not a part-time real estate agent so I am available at anytime to answer your questions or arrange a home tour.
  • An advocate in negotiating. There are many factors that help set the selling price for a home. These include condition of the home or the need for a quick sale due to foreclosure or job transfer. Some of these factors must be disclosed by the selling agent. Others do not. One of my jobs is to discover any factor that may help you get the fairest price for a home.
  • An advocate in financing. As your buyer’s agent, I will also help you secure the best possible loan. I can work directly with your bank to determine if any fees can be waived, interest rates lowered, or points eliminated. All of this saves you time and money.
  • Years of experience. I have been a real estate agent since 2001.
  • A Valdosta expert. I am a native of Valdosta and know the area as well as anyone. I recognize trends, I can identify the “diamond in the rough” or I can spot an overpriced home in a certain area. Having a real estate agent that is familiar with the area is a definite advantage.

Your real estate agent search is an important one. Your home is one of your biggest investments. Make sure you get the most for your money with as little hassle. Contact me today to discuss your real estate needs…you’ll be glad you did.